Numerology Reading for Your Destiny Number

Brithday Lucky Number

The Essence of Your Destiny

The total of your month, day and year of birth is the number of your destiny. It defines your path: your environment, educational opportunities, and your purpose in "the Grand Plan". You touch upon the lives of many people. Numerology's number meanings prepare you to be comfortable with the types of people and experiences that you will meet and collect.

Your destiny power number attracts what you need. Most people are not born knowing how to pinpoint congenial counterparts. The attraction is spontaneous and, once you've picked a winner, you can do it again and again. After a while, you ripen to the habit of visualizing success and letting your vibes work for you.

How to Create Your Birthday Number

Calendar Month Numbers:

  • January = 1
  • February = 2
  • March = 3
  • April = 4
  • May = 5
  • June = 6
  • July = 7
  • August = 8
  • September = 9
  • October = 10
  • November -11
  • December = 12

Step 1 Find your month of birth number (see values above).

Step 2 Add your day of birth number to it.

Step 3 Add then your year of birth number.

Step 4 Reduce this sum to a two-digit number.

Step 5 Play the double number.


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