Numerology Reading for Your Life Cycle

Life Cycle Lucky Number

Number of Your Life Cycle

The sum and substance of your life is defined in numerology's portrayal of the elements in your birth date. Each number paints a picture of encounters and exposures. The all-embracing total of these numbers is the essence of your destiny: your Wisdom number.

Reflect upon the explanation of the number of your birth month. It speaks of childhood and youth - the years between birth and the early thirties.

The day of birth number also takes a picture of your years of productivity - the years between approximately twenty-eight and fifty-six. This time span frames financial, domestic, and romantic snapshots of active interests, material growth and ripening goals. Your day of birth is a lens focusing on ambitions to be realized or discarded. It records the snapshots of the forties that are kept in the album as we put our shoulders to the wheel and push for security. The negatives are printed for the later years when we enter the untraditional, the freedom seeking, fifties. Birthdays furnish the blue ribbon photos in the gallery of life. They provide a progressive soft focus on time and age.

The birth year combines four numbers and, by each number definition, reveals the complexity of numerology's Cycle of Wisdom. It is the intensity of the addition of the four numbers, reduced to a double number, that explains the shot-in-the-arm reaction we feel before our normal, late-in-life, bodily slowdown (the single reduced number of the birth year is the essence of the Wisdom Cycle). The culmination of our expectations for golden-age security, may be foretold by understanding the single number of the year of our birth.

Each birthdate number provides nourishment for the other. The healthiest and most vibrant is the sum total. You are backing your life, when you play your birthdate number,  your wisdom number of your life cycle.

How to Create Number of Your Life Cycle

Step 1. Add the two digits of LUCKY No. 3 and reduce them to a single number.

Step 2.Play the single number.


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