Numerology Reading

Numerology ReadingNumerology reading for personal lucky numbers is based upon the numbers that correspond with the letters in your first name. A simple reduction of the name numbers is used to create an inverted pyramid that gives you the root number of your name. The inverted pyramid is called the ABRACADABRA. The numbers of your month, day and year are used to find your destiny. An interaction of birthdate numbers is used to find your age category and the best lucky number for the present time. The calendar day lucky number - a mix of month, day and year - is used with your name and birthdate numbers when playing the lottery.

Our Free Numerology Reading will help you to mix the numerics of the universe with your personal number symbols to engage the energy coming from the media, the population as a whole, and the activity of the lottery organization. Your concentrated power means that you may be singing numerology's praises all the way to the bank. By using numerology to find your personal lucky numbers, and co-ordinating your actions to the tempo of the universal calendar numbers, you're likely to hang a framed gold record in the music room of your mediterranean villa. However, to go for the gold, it helps to have a direct route - a system.

Numerology reading helps you to disclose your special numbers that surface in your daily routine. You may sense that they belong to you. Lucky or unfortunate, they follow wherever you go. You discover your special numbers by noticing that they appear in addresses, phone numbers or vehicle licence plates: it's a "hit or miss" observation. Numerology reading helps you to remember them before they have created a lifetime of luxury cruises for someone else.

Numbers have vibrations, explanations and magnetism. The simple arithmetic technique of ancient numerology identifies the number symbols that have undercurrents pulsating for you. By using Numerology reading to chart the vibrations of your name and birthday, you discover your consistent cycles and their mystical number representatives. You can use these numbers to increase your ability to win your favourite lottery.

Our Lucky Number Calculator will generate for you 6 lucky numbers that you can enter in your lottery ticket. If you have two similar numbers or if you wish to try more numbers, please use alternative numbers, generated by our calculator. Do not devise your own system! To read more on how alternative numbers are calculated, please refer to our Alternative Numbers page.

Your lucky numbers will be generated from your Name, your Birthdate and the date of the actual lottery draw. More specifically, your lucky numbers will be calculated as follows:

Number 1. The total of the number values of the letters in your first name.
Number 2. The root number of the first name ABRACADABRA.
Number 3. The total number of your month, day and year of birth.
Number 4. The reduced number of the total of your birthdate.
Number 5. The birthday classic pyramid number for your present age.
Number 6. The number of the calendar day the lottery numbers are drawn.

  Please refer to our Lucky Number Calculator to calculate your lucky lottery numbers.