Life Path Numerology Meaning

Lucky Number 4



Numerology Meaning for your lucky number 4 comes from Life Path Numerology. Life Path Numerology looks at what you should expect from your destiny. To calculate your destiny number our lucky number generator adds up numbers that correspond to your personal birth date in a special manner.

Life Path Number 1 Meaning

Life may be a loner trip for Destiny number 1. You've got to be autonomous. Decisions that enhance your growth will be the decisions that are best for you - and you alone. You're intended to be the 'first', the first one in your family to go to college, the first to be self-employed, the first to sail across the Atlantic in a bathtub. You are intended to break the standards that are traditional tor you, and to be a progressive, courageous, ambitious, self-disciplined pioneer.

Life Path Number 2 Meaning

Life will offer you opportunities for partnership in love, business and friendly relationships. To get the most out of people you will need to become the power behind the throne. Leaders need help. You are on the life path of the peacemaker (diplomat), the adaptable chairman's assistant, the accommodating friend. You must learn to follow the lead of others and put yourself under the laws of giving and receiving. You are intended to learn, to listen and to express yourself through patience and persistence.

Life Path Number 3 Meaning

Life may be filled with social contacts, game-playing and opportunities to use words. To get the most out of the self-expressive people that you meet, you must be fashionable, artistic and ready to enjoy the latest fads and fancies. Workaholic, aggressive, disciplined people are not going to give you their experiences necessary for your growth. You will find your chances to shine on the stage, at a party, modelling, speaking and writing. Leave your troubles at home. Use your personality, and let friends promote you.

Life Path Number 4 Meaning

Life will offer you conventional opportunities to work, build and maintain a stable lifestyle. The decisions that trigger your growth will be based on dependability, honesty and prudent management. Every year should produce tangible results from your strict attention to duty, your planning, work and doggedness. Investments in real estate, minerals and developing skilled craftsmanship will pay off. Organize yourself. Money, land investments and marriage will appreciate as you progress.

Life Path Number 5 Meaning

Life will offer you opportunities to be a catalyst for change. Freedom to travel mentally and physically is necessary for your growth. Marriage and responsibilities will be burdensome. Look for people and experiences that are off the beaten track. Avoid planning for the future which will be a constantly changing scene. You are intended to meet all classes, creeds and unconventional experiences. You will be enthusiastic, learn about them, and then become bored before you move on.

Life Path Number 6 Meaning

Life will be a series of adjustments as you learn to handle responsibility and to take on the problems of family and community relationships. Your life is protected by emotional responsiveness to others and theirs to you. It's a case of what goes around comes around. Others less able to cope will cross your path and you will be given opportunities to serve their practical, spiritual and emotional needs. It's up to you to maintain harmony by cheerfully providing, nurturing and producing what they need.

Life Path Number 7 Meaning

Life will offer you opportunities to specialize and to learn to understand that to be alone is not to be lonely. Business, ambitions for establishment status and superficial people are not for you. Your best deals walk through the door and your power is harnessed by the opportunities that come to you. Love and serenity will be found in quiet places where your mind and spirit are free to investigate theories and develop concepts. You are intended to enjoy solitude, grow wise, and prosper from meditation and knowledge.

Life Path Number 8 Meaning

Life will offer you opportunities to meet ambitious and wealthy people. Your life path is filled with opportunities to deal in commerce, professional athletics and status symbols. Big ideas and big business will make you an investor in art on the practical side; art for arts sake is not for you. The key to benefitting from the movers and shakers that you meet is positiveness. Believe that you can be the next Richard Branson or Linford Christie and you will become a millionaire or notable professional athlete: Aim high, the world is your oyster.

Life Path Number 9 Meaning

Life offers you opportunities to be self-sacrificing and a hero to your family, friends or the world at large. To get the most out of the charitable, humanitarian, philosophical people you meet, set an example of kindness, expertise and generosity. You will be a romantic and give your life for the benefit of art or humanity. Marriage is difficult for a number 9 Doctor or thespian; saving a life or uplifting man's cultural tastes come first. You will grow far from your birthright.