Full Wheel

full wheelOut of all types of lottery wheels Full Wheel will give you maximum coverage of your numbers. Therefore if you have a go with all three types of lottery wheels do not be surprised to see the largest table coming with the Full Wheel.

The reason behind this is that a Full Wheel is in fact a table containing all combinations that can be generated from a set of numbers you select.

The most delicious thing about the Full Wheel is that if you match all of the lottery winning numbers you will win the lottery jackpot and additional prizes. Even if you only have some of the winning numbers in you set, you will be guaranteed to have multiple lottery prizes.

One of the popular examples of lottery wheeling is about some Polish-Irish businessman named Stefan Klincewicz who bought up almost all of the 1,947,792 combinations available at the Irish lottery. He and his associates paid less than one million Irish pounds while the jackpot stood at 1.7 million pounds. Ironically however, one of the few combinations he did not cover was a winning one. He still managed to cover three winning tickets with the "Match 4" and "Match 5" prizes and made a small profit overall.

As you have probably noticed from the example above Full Wheels are quite costly. Say, to play with 10 numbers in the Pick 6 lottery game you will need to pay for 210 combinations in a Full Wheel. This is certainly expensive and will perhaps better suit a lottery syndicate (a huge group of people playing together). However, if you choose to play in a smaller lottery game with less numbers you may find Full Wheel suitable for you.

On the other hand, there are also more economical ways to enter lotteries and the most popular of all is probably Abbreviated Wheel.